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Coleford is one of Canada’s leading boutique wealth management firms. Since our formation in 1989, private clients, charitable foundations and institutional investors have chosen us because of our capital preservation mindset and what it means for the long-term growth and stability of their portfolios.

A Different Mindset, a Better Outcome

Over the past 25 years, capital markets have changed dramatically. Coleford's investment philosophy has not. Our priority is to preserve the capital entrusted to us as we seek to earn good risk-adjusted returns. Our conservative methodology, focus on high-quality securities and emphasis on dividends and dividend growth have resulted in long-term capital appreciation with lower volatility than our benchmarks and low portfolio turnover.

Who We Are

We are an employee-owned firm of Canadian investment professionals. We distinguish our firm based on time and temperament. We are patient, long-term investors with a quality bias who are not afraid to challenge crowd thinking or build portfolios that are different than the benchmarks. We also invest our own personal assets alongside those of our clients because we believe in the value of our process.

Alain Agostini MBA, CFA

Managing Director

Robert Hill MBA, CFA

Managing Director

Craig Middaugh MBA, CFA

Managing Director

Julie Crothers MBA, CIM

Sr. Vice President & Portfolio Manager

James Leo MBA

Vice President

Shandi Tocheri

Manager Client Services

Dyra Coronado

Operations Analyst

Nicole Naval

Client Service Associate

What we do

We invest in high-quality companies from Canadian, U.S. and international markets.

To qualify for investment consideration, companies should have a least $5 billion in market capitalization. Those meeting this threshold are assessed on quantitative metrics (balance sheet strength, free cash flow growth, return on equity, absolute and relative valuation based on earnings, book and enterprise value) and qualitative measures (industry leadership, management capabilities, competitive advantages, business model and capital management).

Only a select few names (20 to 30) make the cut and those that do are actively monitored to ensure our original thesis stands the test of time.

Where it is appropriate for a client to hold fixed income, preference is given to bonds that provide safety of capital and diversification against volatility.

Why Coleford

Our investment process has proven to be effective in preserving capital and delivering portfolio growth and income through economic and market cycles since 1989.
Our "clients in the know" business philosophy, which encourages direct and ongoing dialogue with our Portfolio Managers, builds trust and transparency.
As an independent firm of employee-owners, we have no biases except providing our clients with the best discretionary wealth management services.

Contact Us

For more information or to be introduced to our Portfolio Managers, please contact:

Julie Crothers, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager
44 Victoria St Suite 1701
Toronto, ON M5C 1Y2, Canada
416 864 1233

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