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Coleford is one of Canada’s leading boutique wealth management firms. For over 29 years, families, charitable foundations and institutional clients have chosen us because they want a firm committed to their financial well-being.

A Different Mindset, a Better Outcome

We have a conservative mindset and a proven investment philosophy that does not deviate based on temporary trends. We first and foremost focus on preserving our clients’ capital while investing in high-quality companies with an emphasis on patiently holding for the long-term. Since we are employee owned, we have complete independence which allows us to select investments without external influences.

Our client service mindset is to be “family” oriented. We enjoy working with all members of the family or organization whether in a group or one-on-one. To complement this family relationship, we provide in-depth strategic financial planning (for a family or organization) that lays out the steps required to achieve their financial goals.

The outcome, as many clients say, “it allows them to sleep at night”.

Who We Are

At Coleford, we take the lead from our clients. We continually gather feedback and insights from our clients about all aspects of our service. In particular, our clients help us tailor our communications to maximize their understanding and to ensure full transparency.

Alain Agostini MBA, CFA

Managing Director

Robert Hill MBA, CFA

Managing Director

Craig Middaugh MBA, CFA

Managing Director CIO

Julie Crothers MBA, CIM

Sr. Vice President & Portfolio Manager

James Leo MBA

Vice President

Shandi Tocheri

Manager Client Services

Dyra Coronado

Operations Analyst

Nicole Naval

Client Service Associate

What we do

We outline how we work with our clients in The Coleford Promise.

With regards to our investment philosophy, we use a concentrated equity portfolio of select public companies (20-30 North American positions). We believe that this concentration allows us to select the best opportunities to invest our clients’ capital. To qualify for investment consideration, we look for large cap companies with a strong enduring business model. We assess each business through a fundamental lens with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative metrics. The ongoing monitoring is focused on ensuring each company continues to be a good fit for the Coleford portfolio.

To complement our equity portfolio, we select high quality (single “A” or higher) fixed income securities issued by a Canadian or US government or a corporation.

Why Coleford

If you want a relationship with a firm who sets out their Promise. to their clients and follows through on those promises, then Coleford is the right firm for you.

Contact Us

For more information or to be introduced to our Portfolio Managers, please contact:

Julie Crothers, Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager
44 Victoria St Suite 1701
Toronto, ON M5C 1Y2, Canada
416 864 1233

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